Books about the Celts

A CIRCLE OF STONES, 1995, Erynn Rowan Laurie.Basically, it’s about how to make a Celtic-Pagan rosary, but beautifully written and very inspiring. ISBN: 1573531065

THE COMPLETE IDIOTS GUIDE TO CELTIC WISDOM, 2003, Carl McColman,A comprehensive look at Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and continental Celtic traditions, both Pagan and Christian, this guide includes the Celtic approach to shamanism, fairies, Wicca, neopaganism, magic, and Druidism. It draws a map for today’s Celtic quest, with the way of the pilgrim, honor of one’s ancestors, and the language and culture. Exploring the Celtic universe-gods and goddesses, mythic heroes and warriors, wonderworkers, underworlds, and otherworlds-this manual also covers legends such as King Arthur, Merlin, and the Quest for the Holy Grail. ISBN: 0028644174

A GUIDE TO BRITAIN’S PAGAN HERITAGE, 1995, David ClarkeMuch has been written about witchcraft, the “new age”, paganism, the Celtic religion, Celtic mythology, the druids and the Arthurian mysteries. However, there is little about the shadowy pagan gods and goddesses of Britain’s Old Religion – Britain’s pagan heritage. This book fills that gap with new, up-to-date material drawn from the latest research in archaeology and folklore. Organizing Britain and Ireland into seven different historial regions, this book takes readers on a mystery tour through 50 little-known places to visit where the magic of the Old Religion survives, places which can be visited, touched and felt. Subjects include sacred wells, springs and rivers, venerated trees, the cult of stones, Celtic heads and screaming skulls, pagan festivals and curious customs and traditions, pagan temples and holy places, and Christianization of the pagan cuts. ISBN: 070905405X

THE ANCIENT CELTS, 2000, Barry CunliffeFor two and a half thousand years the Celts have continued to fascinate those who have come into contact with them, yet their origins have remained a mystery and even today are the subject of heated debate among historians and archaeologists. In this erudite and profusely illustrated history, Barry Cunliffe explores the archaeological reality of these bold warriors and skilled craftsmen of barbarian Europe who inspired fear in the Greeks and Romans. Tracing the emergence of chiefdoms and their migrations as far as Bosnia and the Czech Republic, he assesses the disparity between the traditional and contemporary information on the Celts and offers new insight into the true identity of this ancient people.ISBN: 0140254226

ANCIENT IRISH TALES , 1969, Tom Peete Cross , Clark Harris Slover, (Editors)ISBN: 1566198895

THE ARAN ISLANDS, 1901, John M. SyngeIn 1907 J. M. Synge achieved both notoriety and lasting fame with The Playboy of the Western World. The Aran Islands, published in the same year, records his visits to the islands in 1898-1901, when he was gathering the folklore and anecdotes out of which he forged The Playboy and his other major dramas.

Yet this book is much more than a stage in the evolution of Synge the dramatist. As Tim Robinson explains in his introduction, “If Ireland is intriguing as being an island off the west of Europe, then Aran, as an island off the west of Ireland, is still more so; it is Ireland raised to the power of two.” Towards the end of the last century Irish nationalists came to identify the area as the country’s uncorrupted heart, the repository of its ancient language, culture and spiritual values. It was for these reasons that Yeats suggested Synge visit the islands to record their way of life. The result is a passionate exploration of a triangle of contradictory relationships – between an island community still embedded in its ancestral ways but solicited by modernism, a physical environment of ascetic loveliness and savagely unpredictable moods, and Synge himself, formed by modern European thought but in love with the primitive. ISBN: 0140184325

ARTHURIAN LEGENDS: An Illustrated Anthology, 1996, Richard Barber.For more then eight centuries, poets and writers have been telling stories about King Arthur. From lost legends and scraps of history, from facts and folklore, has been fashioned one of the greatest epics in all literature, full of the world’s splendours, heroic loves and spiritual quests. This anthology is a celebration of the magical and mysterious world founded on the figure of an obscure Welsh princeling, of Arthur’s exploits in literature, of his far-famed knights and their ladies, of all the high trappings of romance. Here for the first time is a single volume which gives the reader an idea of the power and range of Arthurian literature from its beginnings to the present day. All the great Arthurian writers are represented,from France, Germany and England, and the text is complemented by a superb selection of full colour illustrations. ISBN: 0851151108

The Arthurian Saga Book One: THE CRYSTAL CAVE, 1970, Mary Stewart.Born the bastard son of a Welsh princess, Myridden Emrys — or as he would later be known, Merlin — leads a perilous childhood, haunted by portents and visions. But destiny has great plans for this no-man’s-son, taking him from prophesying before the High King Vortigern to the crowning of Uther Pendragon . . . and the conception of Arthur — king for once and always.Terrific novelization of the whole Arthurian mythos, seen through the eyes of Merlin. (FICTION) ISBN: 0060548258

The Arthurian Saga Book Two: THE HOLLOW HILLS, 1974, Mary Stewart.Keeping watch over the young Arthur Pendragon, the prince and prophet Merlin Ambrosius is haunted by dreams of the magical sword Caliburn, which has been hidden for centuries. When Uther Pendragon is killed in battle, the time of destiny is at hand, and Arthur must claim the fabled sword to become the true High King of Britain.Terrific novelization of the whole Arthurian mythos, seen through the eyes of Merlin. (FICTION) ISBN: 0060548266

The Arthurian Saga Book Three: THE LAST ENCHANTMENT, 1979, Mary Stewart.Arthur Pendragon is King! Unchallenged on the battlefield, he melds the country together in a time of promise. But sinister powers plot to destroy Camelot, and when the witch-queen Morgause — Arthur’s own half sister — ensnares him in an incestuous liaison, a fatal web of love, betrayal, and bloody vengeance is woven.Terrific novelization of the whole Arthurian mythos, seen through the eyes of Merlin. (FICTION) ISBN: 0060548274

The Arthurian Saga Book Four: THE WICKED DAY, 1983, Mary Stewart.Born of an incestuous relationship between King Arthur and his half sister, the evil sorceress Morgause, the bastard Mordred is reared in secrecy. Called to Camelot by events he cannot deny, Mordred becomes Arthur’s most trusted counselor — a fateful act that leads to the “wicked day of destiny” when father and son must face each other in battle.Terrific novelization of the whole Arthurian mythos, seen through the eyes of Merlin. (FICTION ) ISBN: 0060548282

AURAICEPT NA N-ÉCES: THE SCHOLARS PRIMER , 1995, George CalderISBN: 1851821813

THE BANSHEE: THE IRISH DEATH MESSENGER, 1997, Patricia LysaghtThe banshee, the female supernatural death-messenger, is the legendary herald of death in Ireland. Through analysis of folklore sources, a comprehensive picture of the banshee emerges, and the functions of the belief in this remarkable creature of the folk imagination are examined. Many issues associated with attitudes toward life and death are expressed through the banshee tradition, and changes in such attitudes down through the ages are also revealed in changing beliefs about the banshee’s presence and activity. This book unravels that network of beliefs, drawing on a large body of oral and written sources, including literary accounts from the Old Irish period to the present, as well as folklore accounts collected over the past sixty years. Recent fieldwork brings the study up-to-date, showing that in many instances belief in the banshee is alive today.ISBN: 1570981388

BARD, 1987, Morgan Llewellyn.Historical Novel. (Fiction)ISBN: 0812585151

BEYOND CELTS, GERMANS, AND SCYTHIANS, 2001, Peter S. WellsWho were the Iron Age peoples of Europe? Celts, Germans, Scythians: these are among the names that come to mind. But such names and the characteristics associated with them, come to us from outside observers – Greek and Roman writers – not from the native peoples themselves. To understand how late prehistoric groups constructed and expressed their identities, we need to examine the rich archaeological evidence left by the Iron Age Europeans themselves. Recent theoretical and methodological advances in anthropology, archaeology and history, together with results of archaeological research all over Europe, provide the basis for a new approach to the problem of the identities of Iron Age peoples. Peter Wells uses patterns of identity revealed in the archaeology to interpret the commentaries of Greek and Roman authors who conveyed their own perceptions of these non-literate groups. Finally, he examines ways in which Iron Age Europeans responded to the Greek and Roman representations of them. The result was an ever-changing mosaic of complex and dynamic identities among the diverse peoples of Late Iron Age Europe.ISBN: 0715630369

THE BOOK OF THE CAILLEACH, 2006, Gearóid Ó CrualaoichThis powerful analysis of the wise women healer from the oral traditions of Ireland’s rural communities is unique in its depth and perspective. Stories, told and retold, embedded in the texture of culture and community, collected and studied for many decades, are here translated and made available to the general reader for the first time. The figure of the wise woman, the hag, the Cailleach, or the Red Woman are part of an oral tradition which has its roots in pre-Christian Ireland. In the hands of Gearóid Ó Crualaich, these figures are subtly explored to reveal how they offered a complex understanding of the world, of human psychology and its predicaments: the thematic structure of the book brings to the fore universal themes such as death, marriage, childbirth, and healing, and invites the reader to see the contemporary relevance of the stories for themselves. ISBN: 185918412X/div>

BY OAK ASH AND THORN: Modern Celtic Shamanism , 1994, D.J Conway,This book shares a complete system with you. It begins by describing many aspects of shamanism, but with a Celtic spin to them. You will be amazed at how you see all of the shamanic references in the ancient Celtic texts. You will also discover the tools you need for Celtic Shamanism and learn that they come directly from ancient sources. And of course, you’ll learn how to make use of them today.. ISBN: 156718166X

CARMINA GADELICA, 2004, Alexander CarmichaeThis is both volumes of Alexander Carmichael’s collection of folk poetry from the Western Isles of Scotland. Carmichael spent years collecting folklore from the vanishing cultures of Scotland. The poems in this volume include prayers, invocations, blessings and charms. They are a synthesis of Christian and pre-Christian belief systems. Besides invoking Jesus, Mary, and the saints, a number of these call on other powers. One of these is ‘Bride,’ who is explained as Jesus’ midwife, but who is probably Brigid, an ancient Celtic goddess. Also mentioned throughout are a triune deity which is equated to the Christian Trinity, but which may also be an echo of a set of three pagan deities. The text includes notes on seasonal observances and folk customs which are probably likewise survivals of pre-Christian customs. All of these are woven into the cycles of the year, and activities such as weaving, fishing and herding. A vivid picture of life in pre-modern rural Scotland emerges. ISBN: 1475223803

CATTLE LORDS & CLANSMEN, 1994, Nerys Thomas PattersonCattle Lords and Clansmen, Nerys T. Patterson provides an analysis of the social structure of medieval Ireland, focusing on the pre-Norman period. By combining difficult, often fragmentary primary sources with sociological and anthropological methods, Patterson produces a unique approach to the study of early Ireland—one that challenges previous scholarship.Patterson begins by exploring the pastoral-agricultural base of Irish society to see how seasonal demands, especially of the cattle herds, shaped the social organization of the community. This approach provides insight into the daily life of the people and the annual cycles of their political and social relations. The book then examines kinship relations—focusing on such aspects as marriage, sexual relations, and the care of children and other dependents—and clientship, which was the power network built by wealthy cattle lords through the loan of cattle to supporters. Patterson illuminates the complex interweaving of legal status, economic worth, and social responsibility, which determined the individual’s “honor-price,” set requirements of hospitality, and both empowered and constrained the political order. This new edition includes a chapter on seasonal rhythm, material derived from Patterson’s post-1991 publications, and an updated bibliography. ISBN: 0268008000

THE CELTIC HEROIC AGE, 2003, John T. Koch & John Carey, eds.A new edition of an invaluable collection of literary sources, all in translation, for Celtic Europe and early Ireland and Wales. The selections are divided into three sections: the first is classical authors on the ancient celts-a huge selection including both the well-known-Herodotos, Plato, Aristotle, Livy, Diogenes Laertius, and Cicero-and the obscure-Pseudo-Scymnus, Lampridius, Vopsicus, Clement of Alexandria and Ptolemy I. The second is early Irish and Hiberno-Latin sources including early Irish dynastic poetry and numerous tales from the Ulster cycle and the third consists of Brittonic sources, mostly Welsh. ISBN: 1891271091

CELTIC MAGIC, 2002, D.J.Conway,These words conjure up images of Druids and mystical oak groves, daring Irish warriors, fairies, elves, and ancient deities who took an active part in the lives of the people who worshipped them. ISBN: 0875421369

A CELTIC MISCELLANY, 1972, Kenneth Hurlstone JacksonIncluding works from Welsh, Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Breton, and Manx, this “Celtic Miscellany” offers a rich blend of poetry and prose from the eighth to the nineteenth century, and provides a unique insight into the minds and literature of the Celtic people. It is a literature dominated by a deep sense of wonder, wild inventiveness and a profound sense of the uncanny, in which the natural world and the power of the individual spirit are celebrated with astonishing imaginative force. Skifully arranged by theme, from the hero-tales of Cu Chulainn, Bardic poetry and elegies, to the sensitive and intimate writings of early Celtic Christianity, this anthology provides a fascinating insight into a deeply creative literary tradition. ISBN: 0140442472

CELTIC MYSTERIES: The Ancient Religion, 1981, John SharkeyISBN: 0824500598

THE CELTIC TRADITION, 1995, Caitlin Matthews.Explains where Celts came from, who the Celtic gods, goddesses and heroes were, why we still celebrate Celtic festivals.ISBN: 1852307099

THE CELTS, 1993, Jean Markale,A cornerstone of Western civilization and the major source of its social, political, and literary values, Celtic civilization occupied the whole of Western Europe for more than a millennium.ISBN: 0892814136

THE CELTS – Rich Traditions & Ancient Myths , 1987, David Richardson.(DVD) PBS documentary underscored with music by Enya. ASIN: B0000WN10E

CELTS & GALLO-ROMANS , 1970, Jean-Jacques HattISBN: 0214652181

THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE, 1987, Riane Eisler.How patriarchy took over through the acceleration of militarism. True female/male partnership as the direction for the future. ISBN: 0062502891

THE CREATION OF PATRIARCHY , 1986, Gerda Lerner.A brilliant analysis of the earliest law codes that legislated the new patriarchy. ISBN: 0195051858

CONVERSING WITH ANGELS AND ANCIENTS, 1997, Joseph Falaky NagyHow does a written literature come into being within an oral culture, and how does such a literature achieve and maintain its authority? Joseph Falaky Nagy addresses those issues in his wide-ranging reading of the medieval literature of Ireland, from the writings of St. Patrick to the epic tales about the warrior Cú Chulainn. These texts, written in both Latin and Irish, constitute an adventurous and productive experiment in staging confrontations between the written and the spoken, the Christian and the pagan. The early Irish literati, primarily clerics living within a monastic milieu, produced literature that included saints’ lives, heroic sagas, law tracts, and other genres. They sought to invest their literature with an authority different from that of the traditions from which they borrowed, native and foreign. To achieve this goal, they cast many of their texts as the outcome of momentous dialogues between saints and angelic messengers or remarkable interviews with the dead, who could reveal some insight from the past that needed to be rediscovered by forgetful contemporaries. Conversing with angels and ancients, medieval Irish writers boldly inscribed their visions of the past onto the new Christian order and its literature. Nagy includes portions of the original Latin and Irish texts that are not readily available to scholars, along with full translations. ISBN: 0801483689

DEATH, WAR, AND SACRIFICE, 1991, Bruce LincolnISBN: 0226482006

DICTIONARY OF CELTIC MYTH AND LEGEND, 1997, Miranda J. GreenISBN: 0500279756

THE DISCOVERY OF KING ARTHUR, 1985, Geoffrey Ashe.The true history of Arthur, derived from recently discovered contemporary records. Good! ISBN: 0805001158

DRINK DOWN THE MOON, 1990, Charles de Lint.(FICTION) Contemporary fantasy novel of forays into Faerie. ISBN: 0441168612

DRUIDS, 1992, Morgan Llewellyn.(FICTION) Historical Novel. ISBN: 0804108447

KING ARTHUR, 2004, Clive Owen, Keira Knightley.This movie draws off the historical and archaeological evidence of the historical Arthur, around whom the romantic legends we’ve all come to know and love are spun. The “real” Arthur (played by Clive Owen) was a 5th-century soldier of Rome, assigned to defend Roman-imperial England against a hoard of invading Saxons (led by Stellan Skarsgård in hairy villain mode). Guinevere (Keira Knightley) is a Celtic warrior babe in face-paint and Lancelot (Ioan Gruffudd) is a nonentity who fades into the woodwork. (DVD) ASIN: B0002YLCG0

THE MISTS OF AVALON: PART 1 , 1983, Marion Zimmer Bradley.How did the old religion lose its power? The Arthurian legend, excitingly told from the point of view of a priestess of the Goddess, gives us a picture of how it might have happened in Britain. (FICTION) ISBN:0345350499

THE MISTS OF AVALON: (Prequil): THE FOREST HOUSE ,1995, Marion Zimmer Bradley. (FICTION) ISBN:0451454243

THE MISTS OF AVALON: PART 2 : LADY OF AVALON,1998, Marion Zimmer Bradley. (FICTION) ISBN:0451456521

THE MISTS OF AVALON: PART 4: PRIESTESS OF AVALON, 2002, Marion Zimmer Bradley. (FICTION) ISBN: 0451458621

THE MISTS OF AVALON , 2000, Julianna Margulies, Anjelica Huston.Pretty faithful, TV adaptation of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s novel, whose retelling of the Arthurian legends focuses on the role of powerful females, compresses a wealth of mysticism, family intrigue, and bloody swordplay into three hours. As Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, Anjelica Huston endeavors to perpetuate the old religion as pagan Britain comes into contact with Christianity. The scheming Morgause, played to evil perfection by Joan Allen, conspires to her own ends. And Avalon priestess Morgaine, played by Julianna Margulies, travels the heroine’s journey, overcoming tragedies, injustice, and all manner of obstacles in her duty to both “the goddess” and her younger brother, King Arthur. Although the action lags at times, the production is quite lavish for a made-for-television feature and the film is ultimately entertaining. (DVD) ASIN: B00005QW5Y

THE WISE AND FOOLISH TONGUE , 1991, Robin Williamson.Celtic stories and poems collected by the master bard of our time. ISBN: 0877018677