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1) Purchase ritual items, books, jewelry and other”Paganly” items from Avalon Risen.

2) Purchase Items online from Amazon.Com

3) Purchase RDG T-Shirts, Hoodies and more at The Reformed Druids Annex

Are donations made to the RDG tax exempt? Yes — According to the Internal Revenue Code, “a church, its integrated auxiliaries, and conventions and associations of the church are excluded from taxation.” United States Code, Title 26, 508(c)(1)(A)” Is the RDG a 501(3)c organization? No. There is no practical reason for us to be registered with the IRS in that way. Perhaps down the road, should we acquire real property, then that would be a good reason. In addition, religious organizations that obtain 501(3)c status lose their freedom of speech. They are forbidden to endorse candidates, or to try to influence legislation. 501(3)c groups that engage in this can lose their tax exemption, whereas, if they aren’t registered with the IRS in this manner in the first place, they cannot. Don’t take our word for ANY of this. Read it for yourself: What about purchases through Avalon Risen or Purchases from the retail stores of tax exempt groups ARE NEVER tax deductable, because you are receiving merchandise for your money.”