Our Three Tenets

Traditionally, the Reformed Druids
have adhered to two basic tenets:

1. The object of the search for religious truth, which is a universal and a neverending search, may be found through the Earth Mother, which is Nature; but this is one way, yea, one way among many.

— ‘Book of the Law’ — Druid Chronicles

2. And great is the importance, which is of a spiritual importance of Nature, which is the Earth Mother; for is is one of the objects of Creation, and with it we do live, yea, even as we do struggle through life are we come face to face with it.

— ‘Book of the Law’ — Druid Chronicles

Generally we summarize these as “Nature is good” and “Nature is very good.”

To these tenets, Mithril Star Druids have added a third:

“‘Thou art God.’ It’s not a message of cheer and hope. It’s a defiance–and an unafraid unabashed assumption of personal responsibility.”

–Mike to Jubal, SIASL by Robert A. Heinlein